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Hair style trends much like fashion trends keep on evolving with every year passes on. While some hair styles find their place among the popular one’s others are taken over by the newer and better ones. In year 2020, more hair stylist set off a new trend with the hair styles being chic but also more functional and easier to embrace. According to the experts from Hair Salon in Kent OH and others let’s see what is trending in 2020.

What’s new in 2020

As we aforementioned, last year was about no-fuss hair styles that are convenient to carry and lift the entire look. Year 2020 of course takes the best of last year hair style mantras such as low-maintenance and chic, but with a twist. Trendy haircuts from the 70s are a raving experiment in 2020 with Z generation falling in love with shaggy layers and retro styles all over again. 

Let’s dig in right away into some of the most popular hair styles in 2020 for men and women.

Trending Hairstyles in 2020

Bob cut of the 90s – If you thought that cheekbone grazing bob cuts were the thing of past then make no mistake because the trend is here to stay. According to Nicole Casamassima, a hair stylist in Nexxus Salon, New York, women can totally nail a sleek bob with the right length of hair.

Textured Lob – This hairstyle would be on the top of those who do not want to spend much time in styling their hair. Always ready to take the road, you can get this cut in single length instead of layers, offsetting the need of high maintenance. Just brush your hair and you are ready to rule the world.

French Crop – This one is for men although there is an exceptionally fine line in our world defining men and women haircut anymore. Although not new, the hairstyle is once again creating a lot of buzz among men. You can also go for plenty of variations within French crop cut for chic and low-maintenance hair style. 

Hair style tells a lot about personality and can add to your overall image. Get your favourite hair style in 2020 and step out with confidence.