August 23, 2020


Reusable bags are increasing in demands as it keeps the earth green. Plastic bags have long been banned in various cities to save the environment and clean the air and water. People are fascinated with the fact that the tote bag is multipurpose. They aren’t only meant for carrying groceries and vegetables but are also used in offices, parties, events due to its durability.

With the increasing demand for tote bags, manufacturers are producing different types of bags for different use. They’re all stylish, keeping in mind the current trend and are now available in different colors and designs.

Some companies also help in personalizing it by adding motivational and emotional messages. Companies, departmental stores re now focusing on providing reusable bags as it helps in leaving a positive impression on customers.

If you’re planning to buy a personalized and customized bag, try Custom Earth promos. It is an environmentally friendly manufacturer that provides a wide range of personalized full color printed reusable bags. They started their business in 2009 and since then, they have only focused on recycled and biodegradable items. Their main focus is to save nature from getting exploited. During this pandemic situation, they have also come up with a wide range of reusable masks, gloves, disinfectant kits, sanitizers, etc. as they care about society.

When a person starts using tote bags for the first time, they eventually get addicted to it. Gradually, that tote bag becomes their savior of life. They keep using it till it isn’t shredded into pieces.

However, do you know that even though the bags are durable and keep items fresh because air circulates in it, you still need to keep it clean to maintain it germ-free? While saving the Earth from pollution, you’re inviting germs in your house.

Here are a few things that you can do in daily life to keep your tote bag clean and fresh –

  • When you carry vegetables or fruits in your tote bag, it rubs with each other leaving behind food traces, which gradually spread germs. All you have to do is to put that bag in the washing machine after coming back from shopping and keep a replacement tote bag in your purse until the first one dries.
  • You can also use disinfectant spray that can be sprayed all over the tote bag, then let it rest for 10 minutes for the disinfectant to kill all germs.
  • Don’t use one bag for all items. If you’ve bought groceries, frozen items, meat, eggs, vegetables at one time, then use different bags for different categories, to avoid bacteria increases.
  • Keep your tote bags dry and moisture-free so that germs don’t settle on them easily. This also increases the life of the fabric.
  • Before washing bags, remove all cardboards that are inside to avoid paper crumbles.

Insulated tote bags are good because they’re water-resistant, but you will need pure cotton tote bags for fresh food items to keep them fresh for a longer time. Thus, keep few tote bags of different styles and fabric in your stock. This way you will have various options to choose from.