September 26, 2020


Watch and Fashion: these two terms define each other in a spectacular way, especially when we are talking about women. For many people, the process of buying a watch can be simple, after all you just have to search online and choose what you find most beautiful and with a value that fits your budget. You will only notice the difficulty when it is time to buy a watch for your daily use. At first, the item you are going to acquire has to serve two needs: to be a piece that is functional and practical, helps you in your daily life and complements your style.

Before you find yourself in the dilemma of what to choose, what to look at and analyze in the face of so many options that will be shown to you, we created this post with useful tips to help you when choosing a watch.

What are the features of the watch?

Today, there are watches with many different functions and features that can make the specimen more expensive, besides making it more difficult to handle. So, know what you need on a watch, features like calendar, stopwatch and alarm clock can help you in your day. Researching beforehand and setting your priorities will decrease your search time and choice process. Have you ever heard of caliber? It is basically the movement of a watch mechanism. You also need to know what it can do to your play.

What style do you want?

Here you will find another variation that can directly influence the value of your watch: the style you want. Before you go online for your ideal model, know what you want with your watch: to wear it on a daily basis, to help with your work or to complement your look at special moments? Here are some features: casual watches are designed for everyday use; diving watch is designed to withstand great depths in the water; the usual formal clock is made with roman numbers, it has a simple face and does not contain adornments.

Durability of the watch

Depending on your use of the watch, it may last more or less, depending on your care. Know the material that was used in the construction of the watch you chose and the manufacturer’s indications for durability. Today you have three options to choose how you want the time to be displayed: traditional analog watches, with digital readings, and a combination of the first two.