Bath tissues are used in our bathrooms on a daily basis. It is one of the necessary everyday items that is supposed to be readily available as it is to be used quite a number of times in a day. Bath tissue rolls are not just papers. In fact, their quality surely is an important aspect to consider while buying. Therefore, different types of tissue rolls with varying qualities are available in the markets and can be bought accordingly. There’s a reason why the quality of a toilet roll really matters. It is, in a way, related to the maintenance of hygiene. Buying good quality toilet paper is the first step to take up while you follow good sanitary measures. Also, since they are bought for everyday use, people buy them in bulk at a particular time.

There are different kinds of toilet tissue papers and they possess different features. These are as follows:

  • Thickness: A person needs to be sure enough about the kind of thickness level he wants while he uses the toilet paper. In other words, he needs to know how many layers of ply does he want on his toilet paper. It ranges from 1-ply to 4-ply. He needs to be careful while buying a toilet paper and prior to buying, he should comprehend his needs for the same. 1-ply rolls are completely preferred in relation to economic terms. However, 2-ply rolls are better for everyday usage. 2-ply rolls also result in lesser wastage of the paper. Adding to that, 2-ply keeps your skin soft and itch-free as they are absolutely comfortable and possess water absorption abilities. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for 2-ply rolls but of course, they are costlier than the 1-ply rolls. 3-ply rolls and 4-ply rolls are also available in the market. They are definitely better than the former.
  • Environment friendly: There were studies, which showed that toilet papers were one of the environment-harmful products since it is made up of resources, which take about 30 years to grow. In today’s time, most of the bath tissues are made up of bamboo, which makes it really more sustainable and eco-friendly in a way.
  • Freshly scented: Too many types of scented toilet rolls are available in the market. They spread an added fragrance in the bathrooms. Along with this, they give a sense of cleanliness and make you feel fresh. However, one should stay updated with the fact that too many scents in a scented roll may encompass some harmful products and may turn out to be way too overwhelming.

With increasing awareness and proficiency, even, cheap bath tissues possess really good quality and in every way are preferred to be bought. The price of toilet paper has not shown any change for quite a lot of time. The prices have not gone down, rather, the size of the rolls has become smaller. That’s where the industry has lacked somewhere.

To wrap up, there still are people who do not prefer using toilet papers since they think that they are not hygienic enough but, in reality, the industry has actually raised safety and hygiene standards.