Without delving much into the characteristics of the experiment, it was found that people using the original products tended to act more honestly than their counterparts.

This second group of people made use of a counterfeit garment when conducting the same experiment that the first group was exposed to. The results indicated that people who wore replicas were seen as frauds and cheats on the inside. 

Additionally, they were much more likely to cheat

Something that seems very curious to me about the whole experiment is that the people who wore replicas not only became more insecure of themselves while wearing the garment, but they also distrusted the people around them. Choose the replica sneaker sites  for the best results.

After all, what joy or confidence can come from buying that “designer shirt” when all you had to do was avoid going out one day a week to get it?

What people buy replicas?

You already know what a replica is and in the same way, the reasons why buyers often ask these types of questions. Despite this, we would like to add my own observations from day to day.

  • There are a growing number of people who buy replica brand clothing or AAA replicas. These people typically have no interest in fashion and their buying decision is based more on brand than design.
  • Currently this group is the one that we find the most problematic since they are, in my opinion, the most prone to lie about the origin of their garment. For that reason, don’t expect open individuals to say how their new “Hugo Boss” shirt was purchased through a third party on the internet.
  • People who are interested in fashion value design and brand, but for some unknown reason, they ignore this and go to buy these types of products. Even though it could be said that it is this love for the brand that leads them to “access it”, it is curious to see how this group is the most shy when it comes to wearing this type of garment.

This will allow you to:

Give yourself time to think if you really want to have the garment or is it an impulse of the moment. Remember that the designer’s work is what keeps him motivated to keep filling your cabinets with his creations. So, if you find yourself absolutely in love with a design and you don’t have enough money or patience, look for alternative brands that may have something similar.


Live the feeling of achievement when after 6 months you manage to buy a garment for which you have been working for a long time. Begin to have fewer and fewer pieces in your closet, but each time of higher quality and higher value for you.