The 925 mark on silver jewelry is an indication that it has 92.5% of silver in it and not pure silver.  The other portion constitutes nickel and iron, and the mark guarantees the authenticity of the jewelry piece.  In 925 LA TH – 925 LA indicates the manufacturer’s mark, jeweler, or brand responsible for crafting the design. Moreover, LA is an indication of L.A. Gem and Jeweler Design Inc. from Las Angeles. 

These days, many items are marked under LA with the mark 925 LA. With this, the indication after LA, in this case, TH, indicates the country where the item has been manufactured. The initial TH refers to Thailand. Furthermore, it indicates that the manufacturing team in Los Angeles physically makes the jewelry. 

How is the 925 LA manufacturing done?

The whole 925 silver cannot be manufactured in one country, and therefore, the involvement of others also helps reduce the overall cost of manufacturing the jewelry piece. Similar to Thailand, the manufacturing team can be operated from China and others as well. Depending on this, the jewelry piece may be charged at a different rate in the market. 

What does 925 LA TH Indicate on a Ring?

The 925 LA TH is like a trademark from the above-said jewelry shop in Los Angeles, and when present on rings, it includes the process of the manufacturing team and its country. This gives a detailed idea of authenticity and the place of manufacture of the silver jewelry.   

The LA part emphasizes the trademark of items used by the jewelry manufacturing team. It also indicates the authenticity and purity of silver items used. The LA further indicates the category of trademark items, and it falls in the jewelry category. It is mainly helpful for the individuals involved in the manufacturing of the piece.